Sales Info

Send us your :

1. Name

2. Full delivery address

3. Contact no

4. Email address

5. Item Style No

6. Size

7. Remarks (If any)

8. Indicate your delivery preference :

Then, send us all the above to

  Within Singapore

A ) Normal (receive within 7 working days) – add SGD1.00 to your total purchase

B ) Registered (receive within 7 working days + tracking capability) – add SGD2.50 to your total purchase

C ) Direct courier (receive within 24hours) – add SGD10.00 to your total purchase. Delivery guaranteed, except on weekends and public holidays.

International delivery

For all countries outside Singapore, we will be able to advise upon confirming your orders. Drop us a note!

* Postage is based on 1 piece per delivery.

* We strongly encourage you to choose registered post as we are not liable for any package lost after mail-drop.

Terms & Conditions

1. All good sold are non-refundable nor exchangeable once payment have been confirmed. We will ensure your orders are in good condition before mailing them out.

2. We do not entertain bargains nor negotiations.

3. We highly recommend using registered post. We are not responsible for lost mailed-out items should you not opt for registered mail.

4. By law, we declare that we are not an authorized dealer or associate of any of the designers, brands or manufacturers that are featured. All trademarks, brand names and logos mentioned are used solely for identification purposes only and are registered trademarks of their respective owners who reserve the rights of ownership.

5. If your order is unavailable, we will refund you the full sum accordingly.


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